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Grillhouse Ceke 12m2 with profile window sill

Grillhouse Cekea with profiled window surrounds



Grillhouse Cekea with ordinary window surrounds

Cekea med större fönster

Grillhouse Madeleine




Grill/Gardenhouse Cekea



10m² (hexagonal)

12m² & 17m² (octagonal)




The walls are made of 2" x 6" half-round cleaved pine. The roof is custom built to fit each 6 or 8 sided building and is built to withstand the Nordic weather conditions. The roof is made of 3/4" x 6" pine paneling covered in bitumen shingles (available in different colours). 



All windows are made of  double glazed glass. The floor is 19 x 95mm planed sawn timber. The door is equipped with a lock.




Wall height: 2,0m



The Grillhouse is delivered untreated.








Grill/Gardenhouse Madeleine


10m² (hexagonal)

12m² & 17m² (octagonal)


The Grill/Gardenhouse Madeleine has bigger windows and profiled window surrounds.







Grillhus inne

Grillhus inne

Grillhus inne


The benches are fitted around the walls and are made of two 2"x8" pine planks. There are also available benches with extra planks that can be turned up to make broader benches for sleeping.



The barbeque grill


with one square adjustable plate for grilling and two round for cooking. These are made of stainless steel. The ash container is 60 cm off of the floor, the footstand can be boltetd to the floor. Footstand is electrogalvanized(grey), black lacquered for extra charge. 

The grill has level tables, extra tables for each table to turn up (adding 13 cm to width) and protective plate under grill are avail-able for extra charge.

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Telescopic chimney

Telescopic chimney


(black lacquered)
The chimneys height is adjustable from 1,6m to 2,7m.
The chimney has a metallic collar which stops water to run into the house and also gathers smoke into the chimney.

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Luthus inne


lusthus inne




The Gardenhouse is delivered without the benches, grill and chimney. The floor of the 12m² and 17m² same as in grillhouse.

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